New Residence




200 - 250m²

R 2 000 000 - R 2 500 000








The Property is located in Parys. It has views North-West toward the Vaal River from certain positions on the site.

Orientating the House towards the River and working with the spaces of the Existing House (a Client-owned Spa) on the same Property was the starting point. The longitudinal area South of the Spa lend itself to an ideal West-East footprint with a North-West View orientation.

The Architectural Language of the house comes from character of structures in the nearby area and the availability of materials used in the surrounding area.

Layout and Structure followed by the Functions and Spaces as required by the client, extending the Spaces from the Street side, West to East on the longitudinal site.


The layout of spaces were aimed on the idea of Public vs Private Spaces. The streetscape being Public, the Carports and water feature being Semi-Public and becoming Semi-Private towards East with Open Living, Kitchen, Dining and Entertainment areas. These areas open onto a Stoep with North-facing Clerestory windows that brightens up the Open Plan Area with natural light. Private spaces like Bedrooms followed placed furthest away from the Western Street edge, while both Bedrooms having a North Facing facade with natural sunlight. These Bedrooms open with  doors leading onto a Stoep and small yard towards the North.

House Dippenaar


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